Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage

With branches in Koper and at the border crossings Obrežje and Gruškovje, we provide direct and indirect consulting and representation in customs procedures during import, export and transit.


At Špedicija Goja, we are proud to have successfully participated in the pilot project of the Republic of Slovenia for the introduction of the system of completed sales and purchase transactions informing within the European Union member states upon the entry of independent Slovenia into the European Union.

We still carry out monitoring and reporting services on trade statistics within the EU INTRASTAT system professionally.

Communication with the customs authorities is electronic, which means huge savings of cost for our customers. We provide clients, both companies and individuals, with advice in the area of customs, tax and foreign trade legislation.

Goja - Customs brokerage

Business units

PE Ptuj
Špedicija GOJA d.o.o.
Rajšpova 22
SI-2250 Ptuj

PE Gruškovje
MMP Gruškovje
SI-2286 Podlehnik

PE Obrežje
MMP Obrežje
SI-8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem

PE Koper
Ankaranska cesta 7a, 6000 Koper


Miroslav Janžekovič, head of freight forwarding
+386 2 749 38 15

Andrej Orešek, head of the business unit PE Gruškovje
+386 2 795 32 70

Tea Bevc, head of the business unit PE Obrežje
+386 7 457 57 91

Domen Mežnar, head of the business unit PE Koper
+386 5 663 29 41

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