Every year, the area of logistics and transport, both in the Slovenian and global markets, is marked by growth and development. An important factor in the Slovenian transport economy is the company Špedicija Goja, which is part of the larger business group Finakos Group. In recent years, the company has established itself among the industry leaders, and by number of vehicles, employees and revenue, it is one of the major and most successful Slovenian transport companies.

Most of the value in the transport industry is created by road hauliers; in Goja, we are aware of that and have therefore more than 80 cargo vehicles, which, due to the needs of the market and our customers, are available across the European market. We are proud of our long-standing partnership with internationally renowned companies. In addition to vehicles of our own fleet, we also manage a diverse network of domestic and foreign contractual subcontractors, and are increasingly able to handle demanding logistics projects. We are one of the leading providers of customs clearance service and with our subsidiaries Goja Zagreb and Goja Logistics Serbia we are also present on the EX-YU markets.

The new business and logistics centre Goja Ptuj in which we operate, has become the centre of logistics in our country, thus strengthening our presence in the logistics industry. With over 3,800 square meters of interior surfaces, the project provides exceptional working conditions and we are able to offer all services for goods vehicles in one place. The new facility is also a step towards a strategically planned path to success with which we will further consolidate our position on the domestic and international markets. With this, we wanted to capitalize on our potentials, knowledge and tradition, which represent the key foundations of our company.

In the coming years, we wish to become a successful and recognizable logistics and transport company on the European market through the use of a quality management system, and the provision of customers’ needs and legal requirements, and remain one of the leading providers of forwarding and road transport services in Slovenia.

About the company

Špedicija Goja is a specialized company for all logistical processes - road transport and distribution, container and railway transport, warehousing, freight and forwarding services, rental of business premises and organization, thus providing our customers with the widest range of comprehensive logistical solutions possible.

In Ptuj, we provide the servicing of cargo vehicles, tyre repair services and carwash services for personal, combined, cargo vehicles and buses.

The company's policy is based on the quality of all services, providing a good working environment, sustainable management of the environment and operation in accordance with the quality management system and the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We employ 120 people who follow and realize the vision of the company - to become a successful and recognized transport and logistics company on the European market.


The company Špedicija Goja was founded in 1991 by Franc Gojčič and therefore has a long-standing tradition. At the beginning, it had two employees. In its first years of operations, it carried out freight forwarding services with hired sub-carriers.

In 1994, the company added customs services to its core business. At that time, it operated in two locations - in Maribor and Ptuj, where the company's headquarters is still located.

Due to the increased scope of work, the company first moved to the premises at the Ptuj customs office, then settled in 1997 on Rajšpova Street 22 in Ptuj. The new location offered 2,000 square meters of warehousing space, and therefore, in the same year, we opened a customs warehousing service. In this year, the company also purchased its first freight vehicle for transport.

In 2001, Špedicija Goja started to implement logistics services in the company TIM Laško, where it fully took over shipping logistics. A few months later, the same services started to be implemented for another company from the TIM system - Izolirka Ljubljana. On the basis of the demand for more complex logistics services, Goja supplemented its activities with the offer of comprehensive logistics solutions.

In June 2009, the company was awarded the world-renowned status of authorized economic operator AEO, a certificate that enables all types of simplified procedures in customs brokerage. The certificate was renewed in 2017 and applies to customs simplifications/protection and security.

In 2012, Špedicija Goja joined the larger business group Finakos Group, which is also its majority shareholder.

In 2016, the company acquired the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard certificate.

In 2017, the company opened a new Business and Logistics Centre Goja, which improved our logistics activity and made it easier to compete with the needs of the market. With over 3,800 square meters of effective surface area, the business and logistics centre provides for exceptional working conditions where we are able to offer all services for cargo vehicles in one place.

In 2019, the company was awarded a GMP + B4 certificate for the transport of feedingstuffs.

Goja - storitve

Corporate social responsibility

Our mission is to effectively provide comprehensive logistic services in the field of transport, customs clearance and storage.

We want to be a modern, dynamic and fast-moving company that is able to perceive and meet the needs of markets and customers and be a responsible partner in the environment in which we operate. Therefore, we try to contribute to the environment with every business decision.

Our fleet includes vehicles with the latest environmental standard EURO 6.

We operate in the business and logistics centre Goja in Ptuj, which in the short and long term contributed to the local environment with new business opportunities.

We also demonstrate social responsibility through support - sponsorships and donations to institutions, societies, clubs and individuals in the local environment. We thus build good and long-term relationships with the community that are mutually beneficial.

The top management advocates fulfilling the strategic goals that it conveys at all levels of the company with the established quality system, where every employee is aware of the responsibilities and their roles in the company.

Responsible management of the environment is also followed by transport of waste, which is needed by both the environment and the market.

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Špedicija Goja d.o.o.
Rajšpova ulica 22
SI-2250 Ptuj

Registration number: 5496098
Tax number: 58237771

Company director: Sebastjan Kolednik


Sebastjan Kolednik, company director
+386 2 741 75 14

Robert Krajnc, head of transport
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Mateja Štabuc Šumak, accounting
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Miro Janžekovič, head of freight forwarding
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Accounting and finance
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